What To Expect

Mom and son wearing crowns and enjoying the feast.

Orlando, FL

Have you bought your tickets and are ready to plan your visit? This step-by-step overview will prepare you for the journey that lies ahead.

The Castle exterior in Orlando, FL.

Arriving at the Castle

One of the most FUN things to do on your visit to Orlando is taking a trip back in time to the 11th century! Medieval Times is fun for all ages, from lap children to grown-ups who want to step up to the kingdom’s full-service bar.

Less than nine miles away from Disney, an epic night at Medieval Times is just a hop, skip, and a jump away on West 192. Pro tip: There are two entrances to the Castle’s parking lot for easy access in and out.

Parking wraps around the Castle comfortably making it an easy stroll over to the drawbridge and Castle entrance. No need to fret, the parking at the Castle is ample and free! Pro tip: The Florida Castle boasts a Medieval Village and a chance to immerse yourself in what life was like during the 11th century. Arrive early and take a walk thru this self-guided tour back in time!

Before heading to the Castle gates, please note that outside food or beverage, cakes/desserts, balloons, full-face costumes/masks,  or weapons of any kind (real or fake!) are not allowed into Her Majesty’s Castle. For more information, please visit our FAQ section here.

Man places crown on his surprised significant other on Valentines Day.

Approach the Castle Gates

The Castle gates open 60 minutes prior to showtime, allowing plenty of time for photos, exploring and mingling with Royalty. Pro tip: Your photos will be taken as you enter the Castle and we love it when fans get into character! Let’s see those battle faces!

Her Majesty is thrilled you are joining her for the tournament, and like any live event you can expect to see a bit of a line. Don’t worry, we work quickly to get you inside the Castle so that the fun can begin! Pro tip: Ask about upgrading to your seats, as a VIP guest you can guarantee some of the best seats in the house. We can’t wait to see you!

As you and your kingdom (aka family) check in at the ticket desk, you can enhance your experience by adding birthday cake to celebrations or even get up close to the action and upgrade to front row seats! Pro tip: If you are celebrating a special occasion, ask about being Knighted by the Queen. It’s a great way to commemorate any occasion!
Once you have checked in, you will be crowned as part of Her Majesty’s kingdom. The color of your crown determines which brave Knight you will be cheering for. Pro tip: Bring your outside voice because the louder your cheer, the harder your Knight will fight for you!

We often get asked if gratuity is included in the admission price: Great question! We do not include gratuity in the admission price. We want you to experience firsthand the level of service we provide and at the end of the evening you will have an opportunity to leave a tip for your humble server. Pro tip: You can pre-pay your gratuity at the ticket counter by using a credit card. If you would prefer to leave gratuity in cash, feel free to wait and give your gratuity directly to your server at the end of the show. Venmo payments are also accepted for touch-free gratuity exchange and ATM’s are available inside the Hall of Arms.

Couple on a date, holding glasses of wine at the bar.

Explore the Castle

As you enter the Hall of Arms, your eyes will dance around with excitement. There is plenty to see and enjoy; suits of armor line the halls, giant candelabras hang from the ceilings and treasures abound.

Peruse the Souvenir Gift Shop for the perfect memento or join the fun and don your Knight’s colors with flags, sword, shield, and of course a Medieval Times T-shirt! Enjoy a refreshing beverage from the Queen’s full-service Bar or visit the Sword Shop.

Her Majesty’s Castle is home to her falcons and gorgeous Andalusian stallions. While you are busy exploring the Castle, they are getting the star treatment backstage to get show ready!

Before the arena, a row of flags and dinnerware awaits the arrival of guests.

Take Your Seat

When the time comes to enter the Grand Ceremonial Arena, the Master of Ceremonies will announce the Call to Table.

Guests will be called by the color of their crowns. Pro tip: If you look closely above the doors to the Arena, you will notice banners that match each Knight’s color, you can find your door by looking for the banner that matches your crown. If you require any assistance with seating, please let the ticket counter know once you check in. It’s our pleasure to make accommodations so you have the best experience possible. There is no rush to get inside the arena, your seats are reserved.

A feast of roasted chicken, garlic bread, and sweet buttered corn sits on a weathered table.

Your Four-Course Feast is On the Way

As you settle into your seats, your humble server is eager to welcome you to the Castle.

Drink service will be prompt and a feast fit for royalty will be served in courses. Pro tip: If you have special dietary needs, now is the time to let your server know. We can happily accommodate most dietary restrictions so don’t be shy, let us know how we can serve you. Dinner is served with two refreshing rounds of select beverages. But if you fancy a more grown up beverage, not to worry, Bar Servers are on their way to take your order and keep those spirits flowing!

The Red Knight and Blue Knight sword fight in the arena.

Let the Show Begin

The lights will dim, cue music, cue the fog and behold the tournament is about to begin!

Brace yourself for approximately two hours of heart pounding excitement. You’ll see lance-shattering jousting, clashing swordsmanship, thrilling hand-to-hand combat, displays of extraordinary horsemanship and falconry as part of an unforgettable experience. Pro-tip: Leaving the Castle, you’ll feel a little hoarse from all the cheering, you’ll find yourself using every utensil and broom stick as a sword for the next six months and you’ll be referring to people as ‘my lord’ and ‘my lady’! All of these are natural side effects of rigorous cheering, an epic night of revelry and an indication of a great time had by all.

Father and Son play sword fighting in the Hall of Arms.

Memories Last a Lifetime

We are most honored you chose to celebrate with us and we’re excited to welcome you back to the Castle soon.

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