The Experience

Two valiant knights engaged in battle.

An Epic Tournament Like No Other

The top knights of our kingdom will battle with brawn and steel to determine one victor to protect the throne. Join us as we feast and raise a goblet to our Queen.

By Royal Decree

The Queen of the Royal Court invites you to travel through the mists of time to a festive celebration where you’ll be in awe of gallant knights and majestic horses.

The Black Knight stands in the arena with his noble white horse in victory.
Children cheer their knights on with flags in anticipation.
Knights clash swords in the arena.

Revel in the Ultimate Contest of Honor and Showmanship

The fun begins the moment you walk through the castle gates and you’re instantly immersed in Medieval Spain. Memories are waiting to be made and an unforgettable battle for the ages is waiting for you to arrive.

The Show
Two knights on horseback clash swords in a dramatic bid for power.

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