Hang on to Your Helmet!

The show is about to begin. Take in every moment of your legendary trip with us – Discover the experience.

Group of People Waving Flags and Celebrating

From the moment you arrive at the castle to the final scene, you will be taken on the journey of a lifetime.

Arrive at the Castle Gates

Enter across the drawbridge and into the Medieval style castle to begin your journey.

Upon arrival to the castle you will be crowned with the colors of your kingdom. Warm up your voices and get ready to cheer your brave knight to victory!

The 11th century comes alive as you explore the castle. Suits of armor stand guard as you walk thru Her Majesty’s halls. Discover treasures and trinkets to commemorate your visit and stop by the bar for refreshing libations.

Commemorate the day with a group photo and gear up for the journey ahead.

Dad and son play sword fighting in the Medieval Times Hall of Arms

Explore the Hall of Arms

Before the show begins, the Hall of Arms is a place to gather and explore all the castle has to offer.

You won’t have to walk far to come across medieval artifacts. Our Hall of Arms features elaborate medieval décor as well as coats of arms for many prestigious families and a spectacular array of medieval weaponry. Those looking to get the revelry started can purchase a sword at the gift shop or partake in an adult beverage from our bar.

You can join the ranks of the elite by partaking in our pre-show knighting ceremony and even meet the highly skilled horses and falcon that are part of the show.

The Lights Dim, the Drama Unfolds and One Emerges Victorious

Only one knight will win the tournament and be named Defender of the Throne!

Queen Doña Maria Isabella on her throne

Crown The Winner

Cheer on your Knight and enjoy the after show Experiences

Represent your colors and root on your knight as he jousts and competes in hand-to-hand combat.

After the show, join us back in the Hall of Arms for photos with the knights. The gift shop remains open after the show, as well. Safety protocols vary per castle on photos and post-show experiences.