Our History

Capturing the imagination of all ages.

Medieval Times is based upon authentic Medieval history and is the true story of a noble family with documentation dating back to the 11th Century. Medieval Times began with two dinner/ entertainment complexes located in Majorca and Benidorm, Spain. The first North American Castle in Kissimmee, Florida opened in December 1983. Medieval Times’ Castles have since entertained more than 60 million guests.
Mission Statement
Our valued team is fueled by the passion to provide our guests with genuine hospitality and exciting entertainment. It is our honor and privilege to care for our animals and to be good corporate citizens in our communities.

Our Locations

Medieval Times has 10 castles.

The Show

The Medieval experience begins as guests enter the 11th- Century, European-style Castle.

A dramatically lit Hall of Arms, courting a spirit of exploration and adventure.In the Hall of Arms, guests can admire the elaborate Medieval décor. There are coats of arms for many prestigious families and a spectacular array of Medieval weaponry; as well as a Museum of Torture, which features reproductions of torture instruments used during the Middle Ages.
Empty, dimly lit Medieval Times dirt floor arena, with bright yellow-hued lighting in the far distance.As the festivities begin, trumpeters herald the guests into the Grand Ceremonial Arena where they are seated in one of the six color-coded sections corresponding to the colors of one of the daring Knights. Serfs and wenches attend to every need of the guests who feast on a four-course dinner in true Medieval, pre-silverware fashion.
A beautiful white stallion with a saddle colored royal red and gold, leaping on its hind legs as a man in the Medieval Times show stands to the stallions side, wearing matching colors.The arena quickly fills with the thunder of hooves as the Queen of Arms lends the cast through a spectacular display of equestrian skills and Medieval pageantry. The pace quickens as the Tournament of Games begins. The valiant Knights on horseback face their competition in games of skill, such as the ring pierce, flag toss, and javelin throw.
A group photo of many knights and the king from the Medieval Times show stand together in the center of the arena, with the dirt floor beneath their feet, raising their brightly colored flags. Men are kneeling in front of the king, while others sit upon horses, all praising the king.The experience culminates as trumpeters summon the Knights of the Realm for the Tournament Royal. Guests join in the revelry and fun as they cheer their own Knight to victory in authentic jousting matches and dangerous sword fights.