The Stars of the Show

Our equine entertainers and magnificent falcons are born performers. From the beginning of their training, our horses and falcons are stars in the making.

The trainer stands poised with a whip as his white horse leaps gracefully into the air.
At her master's call, a majestic white horse gracefully leaps into the air.


Our highly respected Andalusian (P.R.E.) horses, with their amazing power and agility, perform intricate and difficult dressage movements during our show.

Pure Spanish Horses, (P.R.E.), were prized by Medieval Royalty for their astonishing strength, dexterity and even temperament. Andalusians are known for their signature white or light gray coat, but they are not typically born that way. Young Andalusians are often born dark gray or brown. As they get older, their beautiful coats gradually turn completely white or light gray. A small number of rare Andalusians remain dark black throughout their lives, less than 5% according to the National Association of Purebred Horse Breeders of Spain. The unmistakable beauty and fluid movements of the P.R.E. horses gives them the honor of being called the “dancing horses” by many guests.

Knight riding a Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is a champion that excels at sprinting short distances. Their ability to outdistance other horse breeds in a quarter mile or less is how they got their name.

As one of the treasured stars of our shows, Quarter Horses can be seen racing with their knight during the games of speed and skill, including the javelin throw, ring pierce and flag toss. You may even see them carrying brave knights to compete in swordfights and jousting. Their agility and intelligence make them a true asset in battle.

Friesian Horse

The powerhouse of the horse world, the Friesian has the strength to carry a knight in heavy armor into battle.

Because of their strength, it’s believed that the Friesian came into popularity in the Middle Ages as a war horse. This regal steed is distinguished by a long, gorgeous mane and beautiful hooves. Through the centuries, the breed almost became extinct, but has made a big comeback as a performance horse. During our show, the Friesian has the honor of carrying the Lord Marshal onto the field.

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