Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament knows royalty. For over 36 years, the dinner theater has entertained over 71 million guests (and counting) with sword fights, jousting, games of skill, horsemanship, and falconry. And while Her Majesty Dona Maria Isabella invites you to her tournament to feast and be entertained, there's no reason you shouldn't be royalty alongside her. There is so much more to be enjoyed at the castle in addition to the tournament and feast. For first-timers and frequent fans alike, here are eight ways to treat yo' self at the castle. After all, life is to be enjoyed!

1. Celebrate in the 11th Century

a family in the green section of the arena cheers as they wave their banners

What does it sound like when your section is full of cheering friends and family? Victory.

Celebrating any occasion in an 11th-century, European-style castle is a win. Medieval Times is the best place to throw a birthday party, graduation party, family reunion, holiday party, or just to get the gang together.

In fact, if you're with a group, a lot of the checklist and planning is done for you. Just contact group sales for someone dedicated to help plan your party. If you want the royal treatment, each experience can be customized with group photos, drinks, party favors, and more. Either way, you'll get a unique and memorable experience.

2. Get the Best Seats in the Castle

the red knight on horseback hands a carnation to a young woman sitting in the front row

Not all occasions call for bringing an entire cheering section. (Medieval Times is a great place for date night too!) Don't worry. You can still feel like royalty by enhancing your experience.

If you've ever wanted to walk up to a castle on a VIP red carpet (literally), the Queen's Royalty Package is perfect for you. Not only do you get over $40 in retail value (including a framed photo, VIP lanyard, and cheering banner), you also get the best seats and VIP entry to the castle and into the arena.

3. Dress Up

a group of young women and Lord Marshall dressed up in costumes by the bar

Now is the time to strut through the castle donning your most impressive medieval attire. If you really want to feel like royalty, you can purchase a cape, tiara, or even sword at the gift shop to complete the outfit. There will be no questioning your nobility.

4. See More Than Just the Show

father and son playing with wooden swords and shields in the Hall of Arms

Arrive early. There's a lot to see and do before the show starts. Inside the Hall of Arms, there is a spectacular array of medieval weaponry and coats of arms.

Stop by the castle's mews to see the majestic falcons before they fly in the show, or take a peek through the stable windows to see the magnificent stallions that are the stars of the show.

For older children and adults – and definitely not for the faint of heart – the Torture Museum combines terror with oddity and features replicas of torture instruments used during the Middle Ages.

5. Get Knighted

a boy getting knighted by the queen in the Hall of Arms

Knighting ceremonies are held before the show starts and include a commemorative framed photo, scroll declaring your knighthood, and an announcement during the show; but the real reward is the memory of a lifetime. Stop by the Knightings Desk to sign up, and you'll be Lord or Lady of the Realm in no time.

6. Celebrate with Worthy Libations

group of young men holding beverages by the bar posing with knight

Ah, the ambrosia of the gods! With names like Maiden's Kiss, Executioner, and Dragon Slayer, it's hard not to partake in celebration with some specialty drinks. Better yet, you keep the souvenir glass it comes in. When was the last time you drank beer out of a horn? Of course, there are a variety of non-alcoholic beverages that are just as glorious.

7. Use Your Outside Voice

cub scout cheering and waving banner in the arena

Part of the fun is cheering your knight to victory. Wave your knight's colors and crest proudly with cheering banners (included with most upgrade packages) or buy your own flag. The other part of the fun is booing the opponent. Either way, let loose!

8. Meet the Cast

the red and yellow knight autographs a young boy's wooden shield

Want to meet your champion in person? Stay after the show to meet the cast. If you've ever wanted to know how hard your knight trains or to simply ask for an autograph, now is your chance!

Good nobles, are you ready? The castle is ready and waiting for you. Experience all of the wonders it has to offer, and whether you decide to treat yourself like royalty or just enjoy the fan favorites, you're sure to have an epic time.

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*Offer not valid at the Scottsdale, AZ location. Each castle location may slightly differ in experience depending on availability.