The Knights

Battle of Champions®

The Black & White Knight

knight_bw-2Don Iofre Santa Creu is the defender of the ancient shrine at Santiago de Compostela. Adorned in Black & White, he is mightiest in skill among an order of warrior priests whose arrival upon the field brings despair to the impure of heart.

In prayer, humble. In service, loyal. In battle, invincible!

The Blue Knight

knight_blue-2As a young squire, Don Alberto del Mau earned his place among the Knights of the Realm in a desperate battle. Renowned as a champion of the defenseless, the Blue Knight's blood will not be cooled, nor his vengeance postponed, for those who bring war and unquiet to Valiente.

The Red & Yellow Knight

knight_ry-2Lord del Font is the personal champion to the Count of Perelada. The sword of this invincible soldier has raised him to fame. Defeat and regret have been the reward of the countless challengers who have offered their honor and their shields to the point of the Red & Yellow Knight's lance.

The Yellow Knight

knight_yellow-2In defense of Navarre, Don Eduardo del Rey is the rock. The Yellow Knight is well-versed in the arts of chivalry, yet in attack, he is the lion uncaged! Let the ring of steel herald his arrival and the smoke of battle linger in his wake, for a legend of the Realm walks among us.

The Red Knight

knight_red-2Truest son of mighty Castilla, Baron Ruiz de Roig has been called the "lion's heart" in many a battle. Set him at liberty, and paralyze the enemy! With little pleasure will the ambitious look upon the banner of Castilla hanging in the list.

The Green Knight

knight_green-2This warrior of Asturius is an unquestioned master of weapons. Don Temple has never been unhorsed in the joust. No mantle of peace or of serenity will ever grace his shoulders, for his temper is the dragon's claw.