Guest Feedback

Friendliness4.4 Rating

Cleanliness4.7 Rating

Show Experience4.5 Rating

Food Quality4.35 Rating

Overall4.5 Rating

Overall Average Score*

*Ratings reflect results of survey distributed to guests. Results displayed are averaged from all castle locations.

What our noble guests have to say...

"We had 4 in our party and we all absolutely loved it! Can't wait to come back again and with a lot more people! Everyone was very friendly and welcoming! "
- Amber S.

"I wanted to celebrate a new job promotion, so I asked my family to join me at MT. And Boy did we HAVE A BLAST. The entire FAMILY had FUN!"
- Michelle W.

"Incredible show!"
- Theodore B.

"Great time and was the first time for 2 people that attended and they loved the show. Thanks for all the fun!!"
- Faith B.

"Our family had a WONDERFUL experience at Medieval Times. It was our first time visiting but we WILL RETURN."
- LaTanya R.

"This was our second time. It was wonderful. We may make it a tradition for birthdays in our family!"
- Margaret M.

"One of the best events I've ever done!!"
- Christian L.

"Being our first time at MT, we were VERY happy with our experience. The story and everything was overall amazing and spectacular. Our waitress Latiza was perfect. She was very sweet and funny, she made our experience worth while. We will DEFINITELY RETURN and we WILL BE ASKING FOR Latiza's section :)"
- Brooke R.

"The show was fantastic!!! I'm a renaissance faire cast member myself and I adored the show."
- Mike B.

"Medieval Times is one of the few places where one can be themselves. Eat with your hands, while watching two men fight, the perfect place, Medieval Times. This show is THE BEST show I have seen in my life. The excitement and energy makes you feel as if you were back in the ages of knights and kings. Medieval Times is my favorite place to travel, and I will return there time and time again for this mind-blowing show never gets old!"
- Scotty

"We loved it! We took our daughter on her 8th birthday and she had the time of her life. In fact I think she might have a crush on the red knight! She was queen of the red section! It was a very special night for our family!"
- Sarah N.

"Just one word: awesome! My kids loved it. "
- Alicia E.

"Amazing show. Recommending to everyone I know. We were celebrating our one year anniversary and it was amazing. Thank you for doing what you do."
- Christopher B.

"My daughters and I really enjoyed the show.All the staff members were very friendly. My daughters loved the way they talked and their costumes. We will definitly return in the future."
- Patricia M.

"Thanks for the memories from my childhood, and I just took my son for the first time. Never stop what you're doing. Each generation after me, will be a loyal guest. Thanks a lot."
- Frederick M. III

"My family had an incredible time at your show. My daughter was thrilled to be chosen by our knight as queen of the tournament. We will definitely be returning as soon as possible."
- Brandon B.

"AMAZING experience!"
- Rhiannon S.

"My family and I always have a wonderful time. Truly a fun experience. Food is exceptional and the actors and staff are always awesome. Thank you very much for running a fun place exceptionally well."
- Paul K.

"This was one of the most amazing experiences I had ever witnessed! I enjoyed it so much. I give it two thumbs up! This trip was great!"
- Sabrina

"We absolutely LOVED the experience me and my husband had at this establishment! We are already planning our next trip with friends so they can have as much fun as we did."
- Camille M.

"I had a very wonderful time! The food was awesome and the service and show were great! I have no complaints. Thank you for a wonderful experience!"
- Patrice J.