The Court

Don Carlos, The King

27768-kingLong live the King! Our liege. Our lord. His majesty, the King, Don Carlos! He bears the scepter and wears the crown! His kingdom thrives while he sits on the throne and they know no harm will come to them. He desires peace, but will stop at nothing to keep his kingdom and family safe.

Herald of the North

27768-heraldHerald to the King of the North, Lord Ulrick, the Herald of the North does his master's bidding, delivering a gift to King Don Carlos. He may very well unite two kingdoms together forever with a proposal, or forever cause two kingdoms to be joined in battle.

Princess Catalina

27768-princessThere's none fairer than the fairest lady in all the realm - Princess Catalina. The King keeps his daughter close because he holds her most dear to his heart. The King would never let harm come to her, nor let her go, until she has chosen the hand of the man she loves. Not one chosen for her.

Royal Falconer

27768-falconerThe Royal Falconer performs wonders with his mighty birds of prey. The tournament includes a live flight of the royal falcon, soaring over the heads of the King's guests - an ancient ceremony dating back to time forgotten.

Lord Chancellor

27768-chancellorIntroduces the Tournament of Knights, where the King's guests will behold incredible feats of skill and daring performed by the brave champions who hail from every corner of King Don Carlos' realm.

Master of Horse

27768-master-horseThe kingdom is home to a prized collection of magnificent Pure Spanish Horse stallions that are high-spirited, courageous and tempered for battle. Throughout the evening the Master of Horse and his team will present the King, Princess and their guests with several dazzling displays of superior horsemanship.